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@TheDriaE – Memphis,TN

dria e11Dria E was born on May 25, 1993 in Memphis, TN. She first started pursuing a career in music at the age of 16. She frequently wrote lyrics in her purple notebook and sometimes thought of catchy lines during school. “Whenever I think of a good verse during school or whenever I’m out, I just put it in my phone for later.” Her inspirations are Soulja Boy Tell’em and Wiz Khalifa. She currently has over 22,000 ringtone downloads and over 42,000 Youtube video views.  In April 2011, she released her third independent mixtape, Ms. Air Force One, and signed to the independent label, Red Ink Entertainment, shortly after. Over the summer, she has been working on her first mixtape to be released with Red Ink Entertainment and released two singles from the mixtape, named School Work Music.  The first single, “Invincible”, is in rotation on some internet radio stations and the music video has been featured on a few hip hop blogs and is featured on the mixtape DVD, “This Month In Hip Hop”.  Her second single, “Bank of America”, has also received radio play and has been featured on the Hip Hop Chronicles Vol.1 mixtape, hosted by DJ Lil T and The Underground Fix Mixtape Vol. 68.  Her latest single, “How I Live It” has been placed on mixtapes such as The Underground Fix Mixtape Vol. 72, Certified Indie Heat Vol. 1, and Brash Off City Pt.1: Welcome to Brash Off City.  The single performed successfully on Brash Off City Pt.1, which led to an entire Brash Off City mixtape recorded solely by Dria E.  As of August 2011, Dria E relocated to Miami, FL and in September 2011, she released her mixtape, School Work Music.  As of April 2012, Dria E is currently unsigned and still gaining popularity throughout the internet. In July 2012, Dria E was featured in Amped Sounds Magazine and released her latest single “Get Alot of That”. The single gained rotation around the country from New York to California and is still gaining attention.  In October 2012, Dria E became a resident of Austin, TX and announced on Youtube that she will be releasing her first independent EP, Who Is Dria E???  She was also nominated for Female Artist of the Year for the 2012 All Star Music Awards.