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Are you looking for exposure? Do you have a desire to be seen, heard, or branded? has developed a creative, and effective, marketing campaign through music. Whether you’re an aspiring artist trying to gain exposure, or a business with a niche market product, can provide a valuable, yet cost-effective, solution.

Mix Tape Hosting Packages


Every Mix Hosting Package Includes:

  • Download Report (Total Downloads / Locations)
  • External Link Report (Links to Sites / Blogs with Mix Tape)
  • Post Release Conference Call to Discuss music feedback / project Feedback
  • Featured Artist Posting
  • Dirty AND Clean versions of Mix Tape
  • Social Network Promo (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Promotion Campaign
    (3 Months of Promo)

Comprehensive Promotional Campaign Includes:

  • Premium Graphics (Cover Art) by KZ Designs
  • Promotional Duration is 3 months (90 Days)
  • Mix tape posted on Homepage of 5+ websites
  • Online Magazine Review
  • Complete mix tape Aired on “Mix Tapes In The Morning” Radio Show
  • Artist Interview on “Mix Tapes In The Morning” Radio Show
  • Press Release
  • Video From Project Posted / Promoted with Mix Tape 
DJ Fusion Mixtape Hosting Pacakge
Mixtape Hosting, Premium Artwork, interview, and (3) Three Months of Promo!
Single Mix Tape Placement
1 song on 1 mix tape
Triple Mixtape Placement
Choice of 3 songs on 1 Tape, or 1 song on 3 tapes